READ Learning Center

Programs and Services

Tutoring Center

READ Learning Center is a  specialized tutoring center dedicated to providing

evidence-based, multisensory, 1:1 or small group instruction to students in Kindergarten through adulthood.  Programming is designed for those who may have been identified as having a language-based learning disability/difference but also for those who may just need additional instruction in their academic skill acquisition.

Intervention Fridays

READ Learning Center is our sister company dedicated to providing tutoring and intervention services to students who require a little more help with reading, writing or mathematics. Perfect for homeschooled students, Intervention Friday is designed to offer instruction blocks for small group intervention.  Students are place in groups based on assessment to ensure the group is equally matched in their skill level.

Summer Camp

Interested in bridging the gap in your child's skill level during the summer months?  READ Learning Centers offers a 4 week summer program during the month of July with classes in reading, writing and math as well as a  "camp-like" elective class to round out their fun academic learning experience.  Designed for students in 1st to 8th grade, consideration is given to older students on an as needed bases.  Spot are limited so enroll now.