Did you know that 6% of school-aged children struggle with math? That means that thousands of children step into the classroom on their first day of school already nervous about their ability to keep up. What if those children could return to the classroom full of confidence and enthusiasm, with a toolbox full of new skills?

Math summer camp to the rescue!

At our summer camp in Sacramento, we make math tangible for our learners. Each day includes plenty of learning and tons of fun! It’s the perfect summer camp for kids who struggle with math, and the benefits can last a lifetime. 

Are you still on the fence? We’ve compiled a list featuring eight of the best reasons to give one of the top summer school programs in Sacramento a shot! Keep reading to discover how summer camp can change the game for struggling learners! 

1. Avoid Summer Slide

Summer slide, or summer learning loss, is what happens when children spend their whole summer by the pool. Children’s brains are still developing, with new synapses forming all the time. Kids have to constantly engage those connections if they’re going to retain new learning over a longer period.

By enrolling your child in our summer camp in Sacramento, CA, you’re keeping those connections fresh and active! Our hands-on program is so dynamic that your children won’t simply retain their understanding, they’ll also grow into stronger mathematical thinkers. 

2. Build Mathematical Confidence

If your child has struggled with math for a long time, school can lead to feelings of anxiety or stress. Even struggling learners deserve to have positive experiences with mathematical material! By engaging children on their level, we can build them up and help them to see themselves as mathematicians. 

By reducing stress and anxiety, children can spend more of their mental resources on problem-solving. This leads to even more successful engagement with the material! Watch as your child shares new strategies with peers and becomes a leader in their classroom! 

3. Improve Reading Skills, Too

Did you know that math skills and reading skills are closely related? Reading and math involve a significant amount of pattern recognition. By bolstering math skills, you can also bolster your child’s reading and writing skills. 

The skills camp at READ Learning Center is also a summer camp for kids who struggle with reading. We begin with math, reading, and writing assessments to help place your child exactly where they belong. In many cases, children who struggle with math also struggle with literacy and benefit from our individualized, multi-disciplinary approach. 

A reading, writing, and math summer camp in Sacramento, CA can help children grow as overall learners. 

4. Develop a Problem Solving Toolbox 

At READ, we use a multi-sensory math program that can help children build new neural connections. Children will begin building a toolbox full of skills and strategies that they can use to approach problem-solving. They will be able to use these new mental models and techniques to tackle any problem that comes their way.

Once children build a relationship with their summer tutor, they can continue to grow their collection of tools. READ also offers after school tutoring for students struggling with reading, math, and writing. 

5. Make Lifelong Friends

Sometimes camp is about more than just math! We fill each day with at least one special, fun activity! Children have the opportunity to make new friends and participate in the kind of joyful activities offered at other summer camps in Sacramento, CA. 

6. Stick With a Routine

Children who struggle with math sometimes struggle with other cognitive areas, such as executive functioning. If your child excels when they have a solid daily routine, summer camp can help. Your child will attend camp four mornings per week, and that predictable schedule makes a big difference for many kids!

Still, the four-day schedule leaves plenty of room for summer fun! You’ll enjoy a three-day weekend every week, so there will be lots of time for sand and sun! 

7. Bust Boredom in a Productive Way

When your kids are home from school, you’ll hear all about how bored they are! While you can keep the kids busy with screentime, there is a more productive way to keep children engaged during the week. Kids who are working hard to build their reading, writing, and math skills at camp don’t have time to get bored!

At camp, children often make new friends, which leads to more playdates during those long summer days! Plus, when your busy, engaged learner works and plays hard, they also sleep hard at the end of a long summer day!

8. Thrive in a Judgement Free Zone

READ Learning Center is a positive space where we value children of all ability levels for their unique gifts and strengths. If your child has had negative experiences in school, we assure you that their time at camp will be different. We place each child into a group where they can thrive, so they will end every camp day with a smile on their face!

Come to Summer Camp at READ Learning Center

By the end of the summer camp at READ Learning Center in Sacramento, CA, our campers have gained the confidence to carry them through to their first day of school. They’ll have a toolbox full of new skills to use as they tackle more complex mathematical concepts. Best of all, they’ll have a crowd of new friends to chat with about their newfound academic success!

Are you ready to enroll your child in our mathematics summer program in Sacramento, CA? READ is the top summer camp for kids who struggle with writing, reading, or math in our region. Contact us today to secure a spot for July 2022!